A failed Mission and it's Consequences by Shubita. A Mission goes a bit wrong and our heroes have to deal with the consequences but also with their new feelings.Rating may grow. And it's my first english story. Pleas be nice. And a Beta would be welcome.

A Masters Love  by Ani-Obi-Skywalker-Kanobi1985. After ObiWan finds out about Anakin and Padme's marriage, he leaves for a while. When he returns he brings along two tiny surprises for Anakin. ObiWan PadmeBail Organa AnakinPadme briefly. Don't read of this bothers you.

Anakina Jolie byCitizenjess. Anakin is pregnant. Yes, really. Written in the form of nine separate 100 word drabbles. Slash, Mpreg, and sheer idiocy contained herein.

Any Day Now by Starr Dust After being told Luke is due any day now, Han finds himself worried sick about his pregnant lover

Cruel Trick of Fate  byTD Widow. During the Clone Wars, ObiWan Kenobi crashes his fighter and is stranded on an unknown Outer Rim planet called Arda. There he finds the one thing Jedi are forbidden to have: love. LotR crossover, ObiWanAragorn. 1st in my Arda trilogy.

Dust  by Jedi Padawan Skywalker. Some confessions are best left unspoken.

Gifts of the Force by Borath. QuiGon finds that the force has a horrible sense of humour. Fortunately, Mace is good enough to help keep this new problem a secret and to effectively bail him out.

Learning to Love Again  by Sparda's Kitten Two men separated by time must learn to love again. Brought together by fate and one ex apprentice can these two once womanizing bad boys learn to trust one another and fall sweetly or not so sweetly in love? MM story, possible Mpreg..

Master and Padawan by Daredtobedifferent. Obi-wan is the last padawan to be taken by a master but what are the secrets that surround Qui-gon about his previous padawan and why is xanatos listening to him. warnings of mpreg and rape later in fic.

Pictures by Funfan41. Slash, one shot. Previously posted in HanLuke group list. A weary Luke faces past, present and future

Punishment for Love  by Jedi Bant. While on a mission ObiWan falls Pregnant with QuiGon's child. Upon finding out the Jedi council send QuiGon to a prison moon while Obiwan is sent to live with his real family.

Return  by Remmie Lupin Black AU. Luke's been keeping a secret from everyone but will this secret spell doom for the Rebellion or bring back one that had strayed from the path years ago?

Shadows in the mind  byCreven Erabos. On the night of Order 66, one girl is purposefully left alive to become a new Sith warrior. She struggles to find her new place amongst the Empire. Crazy hijinks ensue.  If you don't like it, please don't read it.

Strange Developments by Lincoln Six Echo. One year after the events of The Stranger ObiWan and Anakin are happy together in Coruscant. But when the Council lifts the ban against attachment, the lovers' life, instead of improving, becomes more difficult. ObiXAni SLASH

Surprise by Starr Dust Han is in for a big surprise. Slash, Mpreg HanLuke

The Rogue Jedi  by Viceroy. A quiet evening spent in the company of each other. Some awkward moments, and soul searching ensue for both Xanatos and Obi-wan. slash

Three AM by Vee018 Anakin's hungry and thinks ObiWan won't feed him. ObiAni slash

What Fate Can Overcome  byTD Widow. Haunted by dreams of her missing family, Mara and Luke search the galaxy for clues. Their quest leads them to a technology-barren planet called Arda, where they quickly learn that the Skywalker name is hated.