Bought by neichan. Guides are not free, but they can be bought every day. Joan Z is myco-author. Abuse, Anal, Angst, AU/AR, Bi, B-Mod, H/C The Sentinel

Family Life
by hilson Sequel to The Condition House

by sussiekitten
In Alagaƫsia mythological creatures didn't exist sorely in stories; they were real. And one night Eragon found out just how real they were. Vampire fic. Rated for a reason. Eragon


Labyrinth Four-parter, first not mpreg.

Bond Of The Sun And Moon by Ripper101. Jareth and Toby have a certain situation and Toby must go back to theUnderground forever. But trouble awaits him there... 'R' rated for rape, angst, torture and other such dark things.Labyrinth

The Cosmic Equation Sequel to 'Bond of Sun and Moon'. Toby has recovered from his recentbrush with death, and unfortunately neither he nor Jareth are done witheach other. Rating remains for continuation of angst, rape, torture andnow for mpreg. Updated.

Time With Dawn Or Dusks
Sequel to 'Bond of Sun and Moon' and 'The Cosmic Equation'. Continueswith the warnings of rape, angst, mpreg and slash. Also referencessadism and incest. War continues leaving Jareth in danger. What's an eighteen year old mortal to do?

A Universally Accepted Fact
Sequel to 'Bond of Sun and Moon', 'Cosmic Equation' and 'Time withoutDawns or Dusks'. Usual warnings for a dark fic angst rape, and now children! Be warned: this contains adult situations.


Obsession by sussiekitten. Sequel to "Haunted" - M/E In Alagaƫsia mythological creatures didn't exist sorely in stories; they were real. And Eragon was about to realise just how real the consequences of meeting one was. Eragon

Peter Petrelli: Pregnant! by Crockergirl Yeah, Peter Petrelli has a bun in the oven! No, this isn't slash. The summary inside explains it all. The bomb has been stopped but Sylar is still on the loose. All the Heroes live in N.Y except Claire. Heroes

Poison by BlackGargie
AU fic. Thrax survived the fall. Ozzie couldn't save Frank. Ozzie is inThrax's hands, in his captivity, in his mercy... Ozzie/Thrax pairing. Osmosis Jones

Shawn's Having A Baby  byStar Baby baby. Shawn ends up pregnant. This is a snapshot during this interesting time. Mpreg Make some suggestions if you like the story. If you do not like this stuff do not read.Psych

So Easy to Shatter, So hard to Rebuild  byGothraven89 The human heart is a thing that is so easy to break, and nearly impossible to put back together. For everyone Who knows Shawn Spencer, they would come to know just how hard. Especially a certain Head Detective. Psych

Unexpected  by Kurosaki08.Sylar saves Mohinder. But why? My first Mylar fic so plz be kind. Slashy gooiness and a rape scene Not that bad Mpreg. Be happpy everyone! Woot! Heroes

Untitled by Emoyaoi69.Mohinder injects himself with the formula and expects to have super strength or mind-reading ablities. But, the power Mohinder gets is a very special one... May contant spoilers. Mpreg. Umm... Yeah. Read and review! Heroes

What Lies Within  by Wicked Glamour  What lies within us can be empowering, uplifting, healing, and at times utterly painful. An enemy of Carlton's comes for revenge, but he finds someone else, and the results are terrible. Lotsa angst, very graphic, future mpreg Psych