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Another Messed up Story  by theallpowerfullme  SasuNaru Mpreg. Can everyone last the whole nine months protecting, handling and such, a pregnant Naruto?

Aishiteru, Kazuma Sasuke by Lycan180 This is a series of Yaoi SasuXNaru, NaruXSasu. Stay connencted for Part Three! Read & Review.

A Straight Line by Kurosaisei  A joint RPfic with Chesiere Cat. On Sasuke, Itachi, and oiroke. BL, incest and ItachiSasuke.

Below Zero  by Atropa13 They loved each other, they got each other. Their friends found a partner and now. Main Pair SasuNaru

Bite your tongue  by XSapphirexXxRoseX  What it would be like if Hidan and Kakuzu managed to have children. KakuHida.

Bound  by VivaciousLove  Love traingle, yaoi, rape, mpreg, ratings will go up Sasuke had gender issues, Neji just wants his life back. Can they cope when a baby is on the way?

Child Innocence by Itachi. Oh Enka.  Sasuke and Naruto had been together through their childhood to their adulthood.SasuNaru

Dirty Little Secret  by IchigoxKurosawa Sasuke's been sick lately and Itachi gets Deidara to look at him and gets more than he bargained for.

Disfuntional Family by kougaluv Mini sequel to the story 'Late' contains mpreg, and affection from gaara and arguments. Gaaras family arrives at hinatas and neji confronts his uncle about his family!

Don't Desert Me  by Nieni Woodland  Gaara wants Lee... and the Kazekage always gets what he wants.

Fanfic Fantices by neji'sgirl236  who knew naruto had that graphic of an imagination?.....yaoi,smexy lemons,smut.

Family  by FMA-lover16 Sequel to Healing Takes Time. SasuNaru Looks like Naruto and Sauske are getting a family.

Forget Everything by mishka-chan Naruto makes Sasuke forget the world... sweet and fluffy.

Future Child by DarkShadow93 On Hold Summary inside.Yaoi SasukexNaruto ?xGaara. Don't like it well don't read it! P.S. The first chapter is a profile

His First Christmas by sunshine-melodi  One Shot. Naruto has his first, real Christmas with his someone special.

I'm Having the Bastard by wingedspiral A crazy little mpreg fic that I just made up after reading FOXANBU’s stories. I thank himher for this plot bunny, but really my mind sort of twisted it from there.

Innocence: Simplicity Of Heart by iNindo AKA Lokii-Chan  Yaoi And Au,

Just Like A Pill  by the Crimson Eagle Revamped. Naruto learns that the Uchiha's are just like a pill. Addictive, Irrevocably Dangerous and they cause Irreprable damage. Angst, Implied Rape,etc

Kakashi Unmasked by xtranew  A chance encounter after a botched up mission leads to a series of unforeseen consequences, ItaKaka.

Kinmotsu  by Uiru92  Get ready to become mine, Naruto-kun, because after this, I am the only one you can have. You will always be mine." ItaNaru, Rape. See through all the back flashes, and all the crying. And not all of it will be Naruto.

Late by kougaluv  kakashis going to be late for someone's special preformance! And iruka's gonna be mad! kakashixiruka, narutoxsasuke, gaaraxneji...and more in later sequels!

Lights and Sounds by Light Catastrophe  The music is all around us. All you have to do is listen. Sasunaru. OC. Companion to Looking In and Always You.

little tanuki of our very own  by chinsui-hime rock lee is anxious for kids...what is gaara's view on the situation.

Mating Season by IceCreamXD  NaruSasu. Sasuke Mpreg. See Sasuke with Mood swings, cravings, and go happygolucky! See Naruto go crazy!

My Adorable Accident by DrowningInTheNight   Sasuke talks to newborn son. Rate and review. Oneshot. Story better then my sucky summary.

Mood Swings by Kumorastar SasuNaruhint What happens when a pregnant naruto goes from happy to sad to happy again then to sexy all in less than 5 minutes? How will sasuke deal? M for safty

Mother's Day by Mr. Iwantyourbody Muraki I've seen stories for every Holiday but this one. I feel Original. It's simply what the title implies. Mentions of mpreg, shounenai boyxboy, and a dash of fluff. Oneshot.

Morning by Pookey  Just a drabble. NaruSasu.

Nine Months In Hell  by Mitsuki Lovs Chocolate read the story and find out.

Never Forgotten  by SakuraLight reviews It has been about three years since Sasuke left, now he is back and looking for something or someone from the Leaf Village. But where is Naruto now?

Not the Mommy  by VescaWithoutWings  The quick journey through pregnancy, Kakashi's pregnancy XD IruKaka.

Not Just Another Comedy Act by Sesshomaru-Sara  Is it possible to be perfect? Because I know you are.

On Motherhood by crazy DOOM kitten  A little SasuNaru Mpreg drabble.

Ours by animeangel665Sasuke isn't sure he's ready for a baby. SasuNaru Oneshot


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