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Reproduce  by NoNoWriter Sasuke needs to breed and Naruto is unpredictable enough to make that happen. NaruSasu

Seasons of Love by Mew-is-back When hope is lost, one thing brings the lost back home. Love. GaaraxLee. Rated M for later chapters.

Secrets and lies  by Dominate One Basically Sasuke never been the uke he's saving it for... Naruto NaruSasu.

Secrets and Shinobi Drabbles  by Meemei Ever wonder how our favorite yaoi couples would raise their children. Find out here.

Seize the Day  by FFirst2L  Sasuke gets assigned a long term mission but Naruto gets pregnant the night before he leaves. SasuNaru oneshot

Side Effects May Occur by TwinEnigma Sasuke really should have thought about those pesky side effects when he got the cursed seal. Parody. SasuKarin, mentions of Sasuke x all of Hebi.

Two Times One isn't Three, But This Is by AnimeMangaKat  SasoDei . Cowritten. We own own characters and this written in an Roleplay, converted by myself.

The Miserable Life of Uchiha Sasuke by Sorrosa Girlie Sasuke is a miserable husband and Naruto is his miserable wife, watch as their story unfolds.sasunaru oneshot

This Is My Story  by Dragon Ruler 06 Naruto writes a story about his life, little by little, while all these things happen to him. ItaNaru

Too many first's by SandXDemonX13 ItachiSasuke! Uchihacest! Full summary inside.

Tragedy and Bless  by Kohai rNaruto and Gaara get raped.

The Uchiha Couple  by asashouryuu Uber fluff and angsty stories of Sasuke and Naruto as a married couple. SasuNaru.Mpreg starting from chapter 14.

Uchiha Clan Reborn  by xXxsailorstarxXxSequel for Rags to Riches! Mpreg, yaoi, SasuNaru and other various pairings...

untitled  by loreleithe1st sasunaru mpreg. naruto gives birth.

You're What!  by SnakeLordess Deidara has a little secret Mpreg yaoi if you don't like those two things don't read it!

You're Gonna Be a Daddy! by Mishkoret Sasuke gets some very interesting news from several different people...how will he handle it? Sasunaru, mpreg, oneshot.

Yukimaru by Escaped from the Twilight Zone A fated meeting brings back memories of a tragic past and perhaps shines hope on the future. A new look at why Orochimaru left Konoha and hates Sarutobi so much.


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