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Pain, Life, and Love, I guess by Animefangirlforever well, Inuyasha is in pain in the forest, tune in to find out why! mpreg, slash, yaoi, slight violence, swearing.

Problems in Earth by Dinka Syuri Royal Sequel of Heaven and Earth created by lyiint.I have the autorization to creat this sequel! Now that Sesshomaru and Inuyasha are mated.Their relationship is not as good as they want to be.

Promise of a Prince 2  by Gabby Night  Sequel of Promise of a Prince,  Yaoi, incest, SesshomaruxInuyasha.

Prophecy of Brothers  by Prose by S.A.  Sesshoumaru x InuYasha. This slightly AU chapterfic Lemon, Incest,  Strong Language and OOCness. Summary inside. Pending revision, details in chp. 12.

Save Us by ash2009  Sesshomaru is lonly and gets pregnet. He realizes he is wrong about half demons and saves some. Will something happen to his unborn baby? Why is Inuyasha jealous?

Seperate Ways Reunited by ash2009  Inuyasha and Sesshomaru mate one night during heat and then go there seperate ways. Something is wrong with Sess and the gang come to help. Will they reunite? Sesshomaru Uke!

Smile Again by Micca Ella Can Bankotsu accept how Jakotsu feels about him? And what ARE Bankotsu's feelings towards Jakotsu too? A Jakotsubankotsu fic. Rated for Lime, lemon IS avaliable.

Unknowing to You by Cartoon Shakespeare A goddess bestows upon Inuyasha, a gift. The gift to give life. SessInu.

Unnatural by Amethyst Blade Sometimes things in life don't go exactly as you plan them...especially for hanyous. SesshInu

Us, Them by X-Factor-Glory  Sequel to Mine, Yours...Its the morning after, and Miroku still has to face his friends. Plus, Sesshomaru tells a story.

When Evil Demons Have Kids: Season 1  by Ididntdoit07 Different format, easier to read, more funny! language, and yaoi. Naraku and Sesshomaru start a family and chaos ensues

Why Me?  by Silverdemonwolf  Sesshoumaru in order to get out from taking a mate makes a contact for Inuyasha's mating with a wolf demon's son. KougaInuyasha.

Winter's Gift by Saraste  Inuyasha has given Miroku what the monk has always desired, but with a terrible prize. Angst, Death, dark themes.


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