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The Pendulum of Choice, by Rushlight 
When Hogwarts is on the brink of being destroyed and the only two survivors are Harry and Albus, the latter sends Harry to travel through alternate universes. In Episode Eight: Emissary Harry Two is pregnant. Novel Length

Perfect, by Michelle
Snape’s old flame shows up at Hogwarts trying to win him back. Does Harry surrender meekly. or fight like a true Slytherin to keep his man?

Raising Potter  by LuvHarry P. After the war ends in ministry Harry is deaged to four by a potion.It is decided to let him remain four, and have a childhood,but his chosen guardian becomes Snape.How does this work?

Raven  by  IamSlytherin battle of Hogwarts in fifth year,school closed for year. Sirius dead Harry is sent back to Surrey but his Uncle having lost a lot of money to gambling forces Harry to work off his debts. Can Harry be rescued?

Regaining Innocence  by The founders four. Sequel to Stolen Innocence. After struggling to believe he was not a whore after his Uncle's abuse, Harry married Severus and is now trying for a child.

Remember Me This Way  by DebstheSlytherinFan. Harry defeats Voldemort at a great price, what is that price? his soul or his life? watch as everyone picks up the pieces after the war is over! very different and smart Ron almost gothic Hermione! evil Dumbledore watch as everyone gives him hell!

Return to the Future  by taigan19. Seven years ago Harry, Voldemort and three others disappeared due to an unknown spell. Harry left behind a half formed relationship with Severus Snape and a two year old son. What will happen when he returns? 

The Savior of the Wizarding World, by Chantal Malfoy
Harry is kidnapped! While he is held captive by Death Eaters and Voldemort, he is impregnated. Who impregnates him? What happens next?

Satisfaction by Withdemonwings Harry has found what he wants, but soon discovers that it isn't quite what he needs. Rated to be safe.

Set him free by thefoundersfour.Fed up with trying to convince his lover Sev to commit, Harry takes off one night leaving only a note and with a major secret, setting Sev free. But what happens if Sev does not want to be free or when Lucius enters picture.

Shattered by Harrypotterslashslut.Widowed Harry hooks up with Severus Snape. When his former in laws learn, they will stop at nothing to either take his son, or drive Severus from his life. jealous/possssive Sev/some Weasley bashing.

Shattered Hearts, by Eriador117
Sequel to Shattered Souls. Harry and Snape think their troubles are over, but they are only just beginning. Take a dash of interfering house elves, a pinch of dodgy DADA teachers, vial of illegal potion and stir well. Warnings: Violence, Adult Language, Sexual Situations, Non-con, Character Death, OOC-ness.

Situational Ethics by  Ms Freestyle.Snape had intended on reporting his findings to the Order one summer night. He didn’t plan on falling into Harry’s bed and possibly in love.Complete

Smile Again by Callistabelle. Harry looks back on the years that have led him to this place. Oneshot

Something Unexpected  by Laurenke1. Harry Potter is acting strange, but how will his lover react when he finds out the most unexpected news Harry will give him? Oneshot

Soul Destroyed  by Debstheslytherinsnapefan.  Dumbledore did something unforgivable! watch as a now Slytherin Harry joins Voldemort and ends the war. Evil Dumbledore okish Voldemort! mpreg mentioned at end thanks Cherry for editing this!

Soulmates, by JE
Harry goes to Hogwarts one last time to end it all, but things don’t happen the way he plans.

Talks and Silence, by alexis_sd
Talking to someone, even when they don’t talk back, might help a person to understand themselves and those around better.

Their forever by Ich Liebe Dich Nichts. Threesome,very graphic. Harry helps deliver his lovers child after the war. Watch as a new Potter comes into the world. Oneshot

Thicker Than Water, by swtalmnd
Snape comes across Harry in a vulnerable moment, and devises a plan to tie Harry’s loyalties to him.

Thing's Just Keep Getting Weirder  by LilJ9  Harry has a weird life. Each trouble upon trouble builds up. Can he get his life straightened back out? 

True Blood by Snaperulesmeraudersdrools. On eve of Harry's 17th birthday Snape learns Harry is his son, and that Albus knew all along. Can Severus still have a place with his son, and how will Severus handle the betrayal of his mentor?  child abuse .

Unique, by Redrum (lobo_solitario / anumula)
Harry questions himself and his lover helps him overcome his fears.
Having to Defend being Unique and Happy Endings.

Unnatural, by Lexin and Tidmag
Far far away in an alternate universe, hermaphrodite Harry Potter gets into trouble. That’s not ordinary trouble, but Trouble. Novel Length Recommended

Unnatural Selection, by RaeWhit (joanwilder)
After the war, it’s Harry’s own choices that place him in unimaginable circumstances.

The Unicorn in the Garden  by Fragonnight01. Aunt Marge saw a unicorn in the garden; Harry Potter's pet unicorn to be precise. And, now a wonderful chain of events has been set in motion where Harry gets precisely who he wants, and Fudge gets exactly what is coming to him.

Vacation by SlytherinMax.  Harry is home all alone while Severus and Remus take a vacation in Alaska! They run into Draco which also leads to them running into Lucius! Mentions of violence. M to be safe!

Veneficus Conventus by MurderedLogic. The Wizengamot has decided to invoke an ancient ritual to heighten the Wizarding Worlds population by pairing witches and wizards with their magic's most compatible mate. How will our Golden Hero overcome this new interference in his life?

The Vanteerian Charm, by DracosMinx (the_minx_17)
On Harry’s 17th birthday he wakes up to find he has wings… beautiful, black, feathery wings. The wings aren’t the only thing that changed overnight either…

When Did You Last See Your Father? by Eriador117
A rumour gets Snape and/or Harry in trouble. Both are probablyat Hogwarts (or see each other on a regular basis). They need help with solving the problem…

Where others fear to tread, by Riffraff
Snape calls in his debts in an attempt at saving himself from an impossible choice.

You Are Worth It  by DaughterofDevineMagic.  “You are worth everything I have done. You have given me more than I could have ever wished for. My love, you are all I ever want. You are beautiful, loving, and kind hearted. Make me the happiest wizard alive and marry me?”

You Old Git by Withdemonwings. Severus hasn't celebrated his birthday in, well, forever, so why would he start now? He hasn't but his lover has a surprise for him, and he always has time for that insufferable brat. So much for surprises...


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