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Acceptance of Ownership by ScarletFBL

Prompt- [Dean/Jimmy], Owned

A Different Kind Of Love Story by Gazerock4evr. Dean and Sam care for each other more than brothers probably should.They are attacked, Dean gets hurt and Sam has something important to tell him. When Sam falls ill what will happen?

Almost Paradise by sammyndeansgrl.Sam and Dean wake up in a strange place and madness ensues.

An Angel's Single Feather by hija_paloma and doolabug .In which Dean and Castiel discuss avians and apoideans.

And a Little child Shall Lead Them by missfae.What if John, Dean and Sam Winchester were John, Dean and Sam Singer? What if Mary was not the boy’s mother but John's sister? And many more What ifs that will be presented in this story.

Angel of Mine by KayR-I Heart Dean. Dean meets a woman in a bar and she changes his life forever Dean/Sam.

Auto Shop by RugbyGod. There's a new teacher at Sam's high school, and he's fallen head over heels for him. Oh shit.

Baby by your Side by Sammy Chad. A baby always bring happiness and love to a family. But for Dean is hell, pain and tears knowing that his Sammy may not survive. Sammy is awake now!

Baby Steps by Juli. Glimpses into the life of Dean and Sam as they cope with Dean’s pregnancy. Semi crossover with the X-files, but not enough to be considered a full blown Crossover.

Beneath the Magnolia's Bough's by Lady_Krystal79. In the Old South, the heirs of two plantations are married against their will. One a tool to his father's aspirations, the other struck for life by a repulsive curse, will they be able to make a happy future together?

Bringing forth the savior by sexytexanjra. Sam and Dean make a baby with Castiel. Together, at the same time, and the same baby.

Brotherly Love by Classic Rock Fan. When Sam and Dean give into their feelings one night,they make a mistake. Now there's a demon running loose, a Winchester pregnant, and a fight about what color to paint the nursery?

Bundle of Joy by mithrel. Sam and Dean head to Bobby’s, and Castiel makes a nest.

Alternate universe story - Dean and Sam reunite after four years apart. Sam is burying his past, and Dean is holding his future
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven

Can't Do It Without You by Silnt Whisperer. Dean's in hell leaving Sam behind him, all alone and pregnant. how will Sam cope with Dean's loss as he awaits for the arrival of their baby

Crazy Love by Vampire Weekend. Sam has a strange dream and things just go downhill from there.  Prequel to Only For You, The Troubles Of Teething, and First Christmas.

 Double the trouble, Twice the fun by Basez & SamnDeansgrl. Double Mpreg co-written by Basezqaf and Sammyndeansgrl

Dreams Do Come True by SaryWinchester . Dean, and Tristan's nightmare is over and now they can be an actual family. Sam's pregnant again and Dean get's to be there and is gonna be a total mother hen. Plus there's a wedding to plan. Sequel to Fairytales are for Princes

Fairytales Are For Princes by SaryWinchester. Their last hunt has come to an end and the brothers are making plans for their future as normal guys when an unexpected encounter makes all their dreams shatter and they find out that fairytales are truly for princess.

First Christmas by Vampire Weekend. It’s Rose’s first Christmas and Bobby invites the Winchesters to his house. slash and wincest. A continuation of “Only For You” and “The Troubles Of Teething”. One-shot.

Heads or Tails by Vanillafluffy.When Dean is assaulted by a demon during a hunt, Sam saves his life, but the drama is just beginning. Mentions of Wincest, and some really disgusting special effects.

He Gets That From Me by FaithxHerexBaby. Sam 20years, Dean 24years. Mpreg flashbacks. I told myself I'd never write Sam and Dean with a child but I got inspired, and thus this was born. The trials and tribulations of being parents.  Complete

 Infinite Chances by ScarletFBL. While Castiel is trying to bring his grace back to what it once was, Dean is trying to stop things from going straight to hell. Literally.

Just One More Thing by sijay. Dean has wings. Castiel can't seem to keep himself from touching them. When Dean starts nesting, things get even worse.

Leave Me Breathless by SizzlinMama .A love story. A life story. Wincest, joy, wonder, sadness, fun and surprises.

Lucky number Seven by Cartchica89.
The Winchester's lives are altered in a way they never saw coming after Sam goes to a friend's house to work on a school project.Sam is fifteen, almost sixteen and Dean is twenty. Enjoy!

Nothing But Honest Stars  by UrbanEXtacy .Sam Anderson is a 18 year old teenager in an abusive relationship with his 21 year old boyfriend. He hate's his life, until Dean Winchester shows him what real love is. Sam!

Merry Little Christmas Joy  by toyatezuka.Life is not what everyone expects it to be but a little miracle can change everything and turn life’s to full of brightness. Since it Christmas, a little miracle might just be possible.

Of Cruelty and Consequence by gothraven89. A Hunt nearly going wrong is the least of Sam and Dean's problems when an over looked creature exacts it's vengeance.Non-con and future.

Oh me! Oh my! Dean's expecting! by SizzlinMama .A casual conversation, overheard by the High Priestess Unruh, results in Dean's secret wish becoming a reality. Sam's gonna have his hands full. Love, fun, joy, sadness, light and loving Wincest. Let your inhibitions go and enjoy.

One Foot In Front of the Other  by simplyjazzie09.Sam left, but he had his reasons. Dean confuses Sam and then something happens that changes everything.

Only For You by Vampire Weekend .A super short snapshot into Sam and Dean’s life with their child One-shot.

Our Little Angel Edited Version by toyatezuka .Fight can lead to something unpleasant but it doesn’t mean that it will stay like that forever.