Stargate: Atlantis

A Little Misunderstanding by Alphekka The team finds an idyllic new world. Its kindly inhabitants' intention to heal Jack and Daniel's damaged friendship has unexpected repercussions.

Do You Believe in Magic? by Keikokin  The SG-1 team winds up in the world of Harry Potter, where Harry/Draco help out Jack/Daniel

Everything To Those Who Wait Series by Freedom24 J/D
After escaping captivity, SG-1 has no memories of what they went through. Daniel becomes concerned about Jack's health, while Jack makes a startling discovery.

The Future Tense Series by Cowardly Lion  Daniel has just gotten some surprising news. As Jack waits alone with him in the briefing room, discussion ensues.

Here Comes The Son  by KezDaniel gets a surprise Jack/Daniel

If Only by  Lori (aka Wildone) Daniel yearns to give Jack the one thing, Daniel thinks will make him complete. Jack/Daniel

Magic Of Miniskirts (Or Is It MiniTunics?) Series by Kata AvalonA secret mission is successfully fulfilled. Teal'c decides he's waited long enough. 

Skerrik Blood, Dragon Teeth  by Margaret Newman (aka mererid) Jack and Daniel escape one bad situation to be dropped into the middle of a harsh, medieval-type world. They make new friends, and new enemies, but will the SGC ever find them?

The Gift  by Canadagal  Sometimes a gift is never really appreciated until you almost lose it. Jack and Daniel go on an amazing journey together as they treasure something unexpected.Jack/Daniel

The Marriage Planet   by Caroline Mullen What happens when inhibitions are lowered and dreams are fulfilled Jack/Daniel

The Mother of All Dilemmas  by DreugenLady Daniel becomes a changed man while held captive on another planet. The consequences will change his and Jack's lives forever.
Subsequent parts are linked from Part 01. Mpreg begins in Part 02. Novel Length

The Three Men & Two Babies Series  by Anne Isabelle SG-1. Jack/Teal'c/Daniel, mpreg, BottomJack, BottomDaniel Jack and Daniel get pregnant

Wish!  by  jeanckt Daniel finds a wishing well with predictably chaotic results! Jack/Daniel 

Your Mother Told You There'd Be Days Like These  by  Ximeria Bad cocktail: Daniel, alien artifacts and wishful thinking.
All parts link from Part 01. begins in Part 02.


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