Harry is not who everyone thinks him to be, but no one really is though- After a boxing match he meets someone who wont change the course of his destiny, but definetly how fast he'll get there. addtitional pairings MPreg

Broken moon
Harry's small pack lives in a secluded forest. His Alpha is on death's bed and Harry is expected to be the next Alpha. Unfortunately, Greyback has been called in to be the next Alpha. His first plan is to make Harry submissive to him. Beast,

Dark Side Of The Moon by Radex
On that night Harry was bitten by Greyback who took him back to the Dark Lord. Now, not only does Harry fear the Dark Lord that owns him, but the strange effects from been bitten by an nontransformed werewolf.

Eclipsed Moon by Bleeding Star Goddess 
"What right do you have to do this to me!" Harry demanded and Fenrir grinned. "When you decided I could watch you die"

Evil? Me? No by scorpion-2-ur-poison
Harry is rescued from manipulations and embraced. By what? Magic and the love of the moon's worshiper. Will he follow the moon or his tea leaves.

Forever Midnight by Anne Phoenix
"There was an odd intelligence in the werewolf's eyes, which meant that Fenrir had taken Wolfsbane. That only made Harry's situation all the more horrifying"

Howls Apart by Ms Gringotts
Complete. Bitten by Greyback Harry is taken from the Dursley's. The Ministry begins a search, what happens when Harry is found and he refuses to leave his Sire? HPFG slash. Due to mature themes the spin off, Howling Desires is posted on another site.

Play Dead by Slytherins-Misstress
Greyback needs a mate to carry his heir, but whom will he choose? He thinks back to all he’s seen, but no one seems to get his attention…until he thinks of Harry Potter…the werewolf smiles in an evil way, and waits for the full moon…HarryGreyback.

Premonition BY Rekay21
Harry starts to dream of having a possesive alpha protecting him, is it a silly dream or a premonition?

The Solar Cross by Briarrows69
Happy Belated Valentine's Day! From the author of "Sweet Puppy" comes a new Harry/Fenrir work; inspired by Judd Apatow's "Knocked Up"

Wolf's Intent by Callisto 1791. At Voldemort‘s rebirthing ceremony, Fenrir discovers the scent of a Lycan bearer, a human with the ability to bear pure blooded werewolves if changed into one themselves. Fenrir rescues his potential mate only to discover it is none other than Harry Potter.

Wolfen by Spiffy Squigglemink-Manrta III .Harry has been left alone in privet drive for the summer when he has an unusual encounter with a werewolf,with his new family in tow how will he hope to defeat the Dark Lord but most importantly,should he tell the Order?



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