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Warning! Some of the stories enclosed in this archive contain adult images and situations and therefore should not be viewed by persons under 15.



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While every opportunity is made to contact authors and artists to ask permission to display their work, we are finding that we often get sent rec's from people claiming to be the authors /artists themselves and we do not have the abilities/time to varifiy these people.
  Therefore if you see your work rec'ed here and wish it to be taken down we will do so immediately with many apologies.

Mary Sues and Self Insertions and single chapter fics.

Okay Guys we have a new policy due to demand from subscribers to the site, we will NOT link or  archive Mpreg fanfictions which contain blatant self insertion in their plots, these are tedious to read and are very unpopular amoungst Mpreg Fans.

Also no more Fics with just one chapter unless they are oneshots will be uploaded to the site until three or more chapters are up, this saves space on our websites and means people have a reasonable amount of chapters to read.

Broken Links!

Have all been fixed, If you spot any new ones please E-mail us!

Any Stories You would Like to add just send us the Link, title, authors name and summary.

Thanks Everyone.

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This site is dedicated to the Master-listing of links to Male Pregnancy and Slash fanfiction, Fanart and videos from a wide range of fandoms and sources.

To save you having to trawl the internet for your various Mpreg fixes!

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